Another sustainable milestone for Lemay

May 5, 2017

Making a mark, without leaving a trace: it’s a key aspect of Lemay’s added-value approach.

From its internal policies to its projects, Lemay advocates for net zero. It has eight full-time sustainable development specialists, including associate Réal Migneault, who integrate green strategies into every project. And it actively contributes to a low-carbon emission economy.  

What does that mean?

By nature, some industrial or commercial sites emit more greenhouse gases (GHG) than others. High GHG-producing sites can offset their emissions by adopting sustainable development strategies (in some cases, environmental regulations oblige them to). They can also reward others for their emissions-offsetting efforts.

This is where Will Solutions comes in. It helps small industrial, commercial or industrial sites to convert their own efforts to be “green” into voluntary carbon credits that others can then buy. 

Louis T. Lemay, president and excellence facilitator at Lemay, recently accepted the firm’s own second carbon credit from Martin Clermont, Will Solutions president and CEO.

Sustainable development initiatives

Lemay is a natural partner for Will Solutions. It boasts over 50 projects that have been LEED-certified and/or built with sustainable features (green roofs, rainwater recovery systems, solar and geothermal climate controls, composting systems, to name a few) that can be certified by Will Solutions and converted into many, many more carbon credits.

“We are proud to be earning carbon credits, and we look forward to helping our clients and partners do the same,” said Mr. Lemay. 

“Many of them have made significant investments toward reducing their projects’ environmental footprint.” 

“It’s a win-win when we get to reward companies that have put in the efforts to protect the environment,” said Mr. Clermont. 

A certification leading to carbon credits

Lemay’s conversion of its former office at 780 Brewster in Montreal earned it a first carbon credit in 2012-2013 (as well as this second credit) when it was the first company to submit a LEED-certified building to Will’s Sustainable Community program. Certification involved measuring the site’s energy efficiency and landfill diversion (including on-site composting), before and after green measures were implemented.

“The fact that Louis (Lemay) is constantly working to get LEED certifications (for projects designed by his firm), that signals to us that there is potential to reduce GHGs and earn carbon credits,” said Mr. Clermont.

Will Solutions is recognized worldwide for helping building owners to voluntarily identify, quantify and verify their efforts to reduce greenhouse gases under the VCS standard, the world’s most widely used voluntary GHG program. It acts as a reputable third party to pool the GHG reductions of many low-emission firms and convert those efforts into carbon credits, which can then be used to offset voluntarily the emissions of another party.



Photo: Louis T. Lemay, Lemay president and excellence facilitator (left), is congratulated by Martin Clermont, Will Solutions president and CEO, on another sustainable development milestone for design firm Lemay.

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