Canadian Architect and Canadian Interiors reward two Lemay projects!

November 29, 2017

Our commitment to outstanding design has earned two more major awards: an Excellence Award from Canadian Architect magazine, for Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal, and a Best of Canada Award from Canadian Interiors magazine, for downtown Montreal’s Espace CDPQ.

Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal

This project will bring greater accessibility and acoustic enhancement to Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal, a Montreal landmark with significant cultural and heritage value. The honour rewards the design of the new indoor route connected to pilgrimage services, as well as a respectfully integrated, yet contemporary, bell tower for the Oratory’s rare, 61-bell carillon.

Espace CDPQ

The design achieves a delicate balance between the disciplined culture of the CDPQ and the informal nature of sharing, co-working and creative thinking. The two-storey space is unified by a large, open atrium and spiral staircase that promote interaction between advisors and visiting entrepreneurs. The product translates into an edgy, informal, Montreal-branded space that stimulates originality and resourcefulness.

Congratulations to both teams!