Humaniti: A vertical village

News February 20, 2017

A new article in Le Devoir provides tantalizing details about Humaniti, the $200-million hotel-office-condo-rental-commercial complex planned for the corner of Montreal’s Viger and De Bleury streets.

An exceptional project for an exceptional location, according to the Fonds immobilier de solidarité FTQ, which is partnering with Cogir on this endeavour that will redefine Montreal’s International Quarter.  Lemay will be the proud architect.

Cogir highlights the trend towards multiple vocations in a single project; in Humaniti’s case, says the developer, as many as five could be a first in Canada. First or not, it’s enough to build “a vertical village” where people can work, eat, have fun and go home without leaving the complex. The article also cites growing demand for this type of property.

Awaits the announcement of which hotel chain will anchor this prestigious initiative. Read the article for more details, as well as comments from Lemay senior architect and project director Michel Aubé.

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