Lemay to contribute six presentations to World Design Summit

October 16, 2017

Lemay is honoured to be contributing six expert speakers to the first-ever World Design Summit, taking place at Montreal’s Palais des congrès from October 16-25, 2017.

Andrew King, Partner and Design Principal
Topic 23: Methods and Processes – October 18 2017
Performing Architecture | Challenging the normative in design conceptualization by radically transforming critical methodologies.

Dedre Toker, Partner and Workplace Strategist
Zarina Ramal-Shah, Associate and Director of Workscale

Topic 27: Collaborative and Participatory Practices – October 19 2017
Workplace Architecture: A re-envisaged approach | Overview and case study of WorkscaleTM to engage, define and customize workplace strategy.

Lucie St-Pierre, Principal and Landscape Director
Patricia Lussier, Landscape Architect and Design Manager

Topic 68: Remaking the Uniform, the Unloved, and the Banal – October 19 2017
Urban Continuum | Towards resilient land stewardship and practice (presentation in French).

Camille Plourde-Lescelleur, Landscape Architecture Designer and Junior Landscape Architect
Topic 98: Crisis and Resilience Design – October 19 2017
Landscamp | The importance of landscape architecture in the development of refugee camps.

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