Lemay & Toker: a winning combination

May 12, 2017

Lemay is pleased to welcome a new member to the Lemay family: Alberta’s Toker + Associates, an architecture and interior design firm known for its innovative workplace strategies.

Founded by Eric and Dedre Toker in 2003, Toker + Associates (to become Lemay + Toker on June 1, 2017) is Lemay’s key to unlocking markets in Western Canada and beyond. Lemay will also offer Toker’s loyal clients a wide range of complementary expertise: urban planning and design, landscape architecture and more.

Like Lemay, the Toker team has always emphasized sustainable development, innovation and a personalized approach to each client. It has numerous high-profile and repeat clients and an impressive history of cutting-edge projects.

The Calgary team will continue to serve clients out of its current office. Lemay looks forward to working together on becoming the Canadian leader and a world reference in the integrated design of sustainable living environments, through a distinctive approach.

Eric Toker, Louis T. Lemay, Dedre Toker

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