Lemay’s model of sustainable public landscaping wins big at CSLA Awards

News April 6, 2017

One doesn’t usually think of a major highway interchange as being an example of sustainable landscaping.  

Quebec City’s Charest/Robert Bourassa Interchange has a good shot at changing that, having just won the coveted top prize for “Large-Scale Public Landscapes Designed by a Landscape Architect (over 5 ha)” at the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA) 2017 Awards of Excellence. The annual awards celebrate distinctive design, ground-breaking research, sustainable landscape management and more.

Lemays design for the high-traffic corridor is a model of sustainable infrastructure that integrates several sustainable development strategies, such as green-roofing an overpass, construction of retention and sedimentation basins, the creation and revegetation of basins and the construction of stone dikes. Lush and green, the area hosts trees, bushes, groundcover and lawn resistant to harsh weather conditions.    

To guide road users, areas are distinctively landscaped according to road type. Fun fact: several species of ducks, amphibians, small mammals and even herons have been observed in the new landscape.

Congratulations to our team for making an ordinary roadscape into something amazing!

To view all the award winners, consult the CSLA’s press release here 




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