Lowney sur Ville : a gamble that paid off

News May 5, 2017

Now in the fourth and final phase of construction, the Lowney development project has grown a loyal community over the years, drawing more and more interest from buyers.

Launched in 2004, the project initially aimed to convert a former chocolate factory into a residential complex in Montreal’s then-underdeveloped Griffintown neighbourhood. The move appeared daring at the time, with few interested buyers, reports The Gazette. Over a decade later, the site has been transformed into a luxurious location, inviting and in high demand with its multifunctional facilities, superior-quality finishing and playful common areas. Among the latter, one finds “urban chalets”: lounge-style rooftop terraces offering spectacular cityscapes.  

Lowney has evolved with its community. Its popularity is mainly due to residents’ attachment to it and word-of-mouth referrals. It is now on its fourth phase: Lowney Sur Ville. The complex’s residents set the tone in this trend of community participation and homes designed to bring people together, by offering living spaces that promote social interaction.  

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