Materials recycling: a new trend in landscape architecture

News April 27, 2017

An interview with Lemay principal Lucie St-Pierre

In Voir Vert’s joint spring interview of Lucie St-Pierre and private landscape architect François Courville, the former gives her opinion on the more eco-friendly route more and more of their colleagues are taking: that of re-using materials and integrating recycled ones.  

Landscaping projects, like any construction requiring a certain amount of energy, are not without consequences for the environment. That said, according to Lucie, it is possible to reduce their impact with a bit of creativity and determination.

It is mainly a question of following the emerging trend of practices that aim to avoid wasting energy and therefore emitting greenhouse gases, she said. François Courville offers the example of recycling resources that are already on-site to create new ones; Lucie offers the integration of products with recycled content, such as green concrete or mulch made of post-consumer glass. These are some of the innovative approaches that guide Lemay towards eco-responsible projects, in line with modern realities. While implementing some of these new materials may be a challenge in itself, as evidenced by the small number of suppliers having taken this turn for the greener, Lucie believes the trend will soon take hold.

To read the article, please see the Spring 2017 edition of Voir Vert.

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