Lemay creates sustainable living environments with architecture that captures attention and makes a difference in everyday life.

We have a vast and diversified expertise in built environments. Lemay crafts spaces where individuals and community live, work, learn, grow and flourish. We listen to you and surpass your expectations by delivering responsible, innovative projects that put your real estate’s life cycle and sustainability first.

  • Public Markets

    With its holistic approach to architecture, Lemay produces human-centric living environments that are welcoming, inspiring, flexible, adapted and economically viable, to meet the needs of communities today and tomorrow.

    • Health
    • Education
    • Transportation
    • Culture
  • Private Markets

    Lemay’s architecture services meet the highly personalized needs of each private market and each client to create striking, significant, evocative places that enhance brand equity and create lasting value.

    • Residential
    • Mixed-Use / Commercial
    • Hospitality and Tourism
    • Sports and Leisure
    • Workplaces

Our Architecture Leaders Private Markets

Our Architecture Leaders Public Markets